Obama, Israel, and Iranian nuclear pants

I don’t know about you, but I do sometimes wonder what Obama is thinking with the whole Iran-Israel thing. It seems like he’s doing everything he can to delay any action on Israel’s part (ie., bombing the bejiggers out of the Iranians and their nuclear program). From the way I see it, this would give the Iranians more time to get their nuclear pants on.

Who in their right mind would want a bunch of radical mullahs to own a nuclear missile? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if those aforementioned radical mullahs had a nuclear missile to play with, who do you think would be on the top of their Let’s Blow Them Up List?


Who exactly is that guy in the White House?


Hamza Kashgari, Saudi Writer, May Face Trial For Tweets On Prophet Mohammad

Yeah, it’ll become a lesson to your younger generation to escape from their Muslim countries as quick as they can and either become atheists, agnostics, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or vegans. What Hamza did is nothing. The Muslim response is ridiculous. Listen, Falak, if Muhammed is a powerful holy guy like you say he is, then he can defend himself. Or Allah can do the job, whichever. They don’t need any piddly humans doing the job for them.
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Hamza Kashgari and the ensuing insanity…

I don’t know if you’ve read about Hamza Kashgari, but what a humdinger of an insane little story. Hamza is a young Saudi journalist who tweeted a few tweets on the birthday of Muhammed (the guy who started Islam), pretending to write dialogue with Muhammed himself.

Quoting from the Huffington Post: “Addressing the Prophet, Kashgari said he “loved the rebel in you” and that he “loved some aspects of you, hated others.””

That resulted in a ton of people going ballistic, Islamic clerics weeping on Youtube about his blasphemy, calls for his execution, Hamza’s abject and public repentance, more calls for execution, Hamza fleeing to Malaysia, and his subsequent arrest there by the authorities.

As far as I can tell, I guess he’s waiting deportation back to Saudia Arabia.

Here’s another quote from the Huffer: “”The only choice is for Kashgari to be killed and crucified in order to be a lesson to other secularists,” an online reader of al-Madina newspaper, Abu Abdulrahman, commented on the news of Kashgari’s extradition Sunday.”

Okay, here’s my quick and expert analysis.

The Muslims involved are crazy. Hamza is brave, but slightly dumb. I have full faith that the Muhammed guy, if he’s still hanging around in the spirit world and has any power, is fully capable of defending himself. If he isn’t, then the Islamic religion is just a bit of meaningless twaddle and should go the way of the Rubik’s cube.

In a show of solidarity with Hamza (peace be upon his head), here’s some brief dialogue I’ve written between myself and Muhammed.

Zap: Hey, Mo. How’s it hanging?

Mo: I am tired of these 72 virgins. They are always complaining. They want to get HBO, but the cable service down here is quite bad. Very bad, I tell you.

Zap: Have you tried the Dish?

Mo: The Dish? Is that some kind of hummus? I love hummus. I would trade ten of these virgins for a dish of hummus.

Anyway, Mo’s not a great conversationalist. Here’s a link for a petition to release poor old Hamza.

Trouble in Afghanistan

There’s never a shortage for interesting stories coming out of the Muslim world. They’re rioting because someone found 4 burned copies of the Quran on a US military base in Afghanistan. They’re acting like spoiled little brats. If their god, whoever Allah is, is all-powerful and all-whatever, they might consider chilling out and letting him wreak his vengeance on the infidel (ie., Americans, girls who wear short skirts, Katy Perry, etc). The other thing that makes this kind of story really weird and basically insane is the fact that Muslims in Afghanistan (and other Muslim countries) treat Christians and other non-Muslims like garbage, toss them in jail, chop off their heads, etc. Yet, they freak out when their book gets burned. Whatever, little dudes. Next time, I guess it’ll be better if the US military stays home and lets the Taliban enslave you all. Good luck with that.

Alternative grip on reality exhibited by Muslim cleric

Interesting stuff. This is a Saudi cleric guy, wearing a nice dish towel on his head. Anyway, his basic point is that Israelis are cowards and always flee direct confrontation. As far as I can remember, the Israelis have been kicking the collective local Muslim rear since 1948. I guess if the Muslim leaders, like this cleric guy, started to deal more in reality, perhaps they’d make a better show of it during war.

Public Skool and the Food Police

Nice to see that public skool is getting into the Big Brother racket in a new way. Now, they inspect your kid’s lunch to make sure he’s getting the state-approved portions of fruit, vegetable and soy-based meat alternative.

Public Skool Food Inspector: “Hand over your lunch bag for inspection!”

Kid hands lunch bag over.

Inspector: “Ham sandwich [gobbles it down], doughnut [gobbles it down], bag of chips [gobbles them down], one apple. This lunch is deficient! You must consume the state-approved lunch of Unidentifiable Alternative Meat Product, one scoop of Regurgitated Glop, five Molded & Reconstituted Tater Tot Substance Nuggets, and a Wad of Bean Sprouts. Eat now!”

Kid whimpers and then eats state-approved lunch. Loses several IQ points in the process.

Clinton, Assad, and the politics of moronery

Secretary of State Clinton just said we need Assad’s permission to put troops into Syria. Okay, the way I see it, that’s kind of like us needing Hitler’s permission to put troops into Germany back in the 40s.

“Hello, Adolf. How are you?…Good, good… Say, listen, I’d like your permission to invade Germany in order to stop you murdering Jews. Is that alright with you?”


“Okay, not a big deal. Hey, that last pic you twittered me of you and Himmler dressed in lederhosen was super cute. Himmler has really white legs. Tell him he needs to get out in the sun more often. You sure I can’t send just a little brigade of Marines?”


“I understand. Well, have fun invading Poland. Give my best to Eva.”